Perhaps you feel a longing for release from the physical niggles, the stress in your body and the mind chatter. Or maybe you’ve been doing yoga for a while but feel like the personal journey it promised is missing.  You might be curious to explore inwardly, ready to navigate the revelations that arrive with a broader understanding of who you really are.  Come on in.



My aim is for you to feel relaxed, safe and to enjoy our warm friendly light-hearted group as you adventure within.

Through a career in media, and some hefty samskaras (habits, patterns, belief systems, inherited & learned behaviours) I built a solid, debilitating stress habit.

The yoga I teach is informed by my experience with chronic stress, anxiety, depression & chronic fatigue syndrome.  Yoga’s framework clicked for me.  It supports me while I navigate Life’s unfurling pathways. 

So, I like to share a yoga that sustains you, not just for an hour, but every day.

Qualifications & Association

A life-long student of yoga, here is a snapshot of my primary studies:

  • Certificate of Svastha Yoga Therapy with Dr Ganesh Mohan (undertaking).
  • Certificate of Teaching Krishnamacharya Healing & Yoga Foundation (KHYF), 2012
  • Diploma of Teaching Gita Hatha Yoga, 2007
  • Diploma of Teaching Gita Progressive Yoga Relaxation, 2008
  • Gita International School of Yoga Esoteric studies, 2003-2007
  • KHYF Master Classes: Yoga for Anxiety; Yoga for Depression, Pranayama: Breath of Life; 
  • Donna Farhi Workshop Series: Spinal Integration; Yoga from the Heart; Breathwork; Core Stability
  • Prof Membership: Yoga Australia, Level 2 Teacher.

Mentors & Teachers

Generous teachers have influenced me deeply on this continuing journey: Ganesh Mohan, Donna Farhi, Paul Wooden, Lucille Di Lucas, Heike Effler, Kelly Davis and Marie-Therese Dessewffy.

Over 25 years of practice, and particularly the past 12 years through teacher training programs, intensives, workshops, I have studied extensively yoga’s holistic system for health and wellbeing and assimilated so many tools that help me experience the ups and downs of life with resilience, perspective and an abiding sense of peace.



(*formerly Lisa)