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Building mental strength

Building resilience and mental strength to face the ups and downs of life is a long term practice. But how do we go about it on a daily basis?

A bit of this on a daily basis will help. Warrior Pose. Do it once with FEELING.

This is a fabulous article on emotional intelligence based on research of over a million people. It sets the benchmarks for honest appraisal and provides a road map for progress. And taking a truly honest look at yourself isn’t easy.

Emotional intelligence or EQ, as opposed to IQ, is seen as a more valuable assessment of people because it comprises our resilience, positivity and problem-solving capacity, it determines whether we overcome obstacles or allow ourselves to be crushed or depleted by them.

I’ve got some self-improvements to make on the EQ front. Thankfully the yogini in me enjoys the process of building awareness and I’m grateful for the illuminators, like the author of this article, who seem to catch our eye at just  the right time, inviting us to harness our willpower and innate ability to grow. It’s always time to get moving 😉

I hope you find it useful.

With Love,



Liv Mitchell

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Lisa Mitchell is a teacher of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness and freelance writer.