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Non Scary Yoga

Have you felt intimidated by yoga?

I’ve had a lot of student inquiries this year by people who leave a class feeling intimidated .

Typically they’re in their 30s and beyond and have found bayside yoga classes (St Kilda, Balaclava, East  St Kilda, Elwood ) full of fit, slim-limbed people in fashionable lycra. Big studios often attract a younger demographic, one that enjoys stronger, dynamic yoga.

When I ask inquirers what they want from a class they’re generally say “to feel less stressed”, “to relax”, “feel more flexible”, “to become more mindful”. 

Find the right yoga class

Where does everyone else go? Those whose bodies complain about the wear and tear of life? Who don’t aspire to pretzel poses? Who are goddamn tired and want a practice to ease their weary mind and bodies? The folks who prefer comfy clothes to second-skin gear? Or people ready to explore yoga’s most precious gift: mind management and spiritual growth.

I spent 10 years feeling intimidated by one class.  Everyone was pumped. The teacher called poses only by Sanskrit names. I never remembered, too tired from my work days to focus. But I never found the spiritual connection I thought yoga offered. Eventually I looked elsewhere (I can be slow!).  And found yoga that changed my life.

Non-intimidating yoga feels like this

So I built a community at YogaMeWell that is encouraging, nurturing, cheerful.  We look forward to our sessions together. When we arrive, we chit-chat socially and settle into our easy community. I love connecting with each new yoga friend.

When our practice begins, we become enveloped quickly and weave a little magic.  It’s keen focus that makes this possible.

We know that it’s not what the pose looks like that matters, but we you feel during the vinyasa and how we feel afterwards that counts. We take time to notice.

Yoga for ordinary people

You would call us “ordinary”, facing the pedestrian challenges of life. We all have our periods of anxiety, mild depression, mid-life crises, health issues and recovery, emotional healing. Sometimes, we come to the mat slumped. Sometimes buzzed to the rafters. And teary, emotional, angry, fed-up (even with yoga!). But we always leave feeling better, uplifted by the group. Importantly, we feel safe to travel that road together.

What Yoga is really about

The practice of Yoga teaches us to manage the mind. A whirring chaotic mind does not focus on what matters most in life. And life is short. When our mind knows how to be quiet, we meet our dharma (life path, life’s work). But there can be no learning unless the body and mind come together to pause in stillness, guided by the breath which carries us deep into the intuitive, spiritual Self.

Curious? Come on! We’d love to meet you.

Term 3 begins 18 July.

Call me about a trial class (Liv 0409 473 162 or email