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What if I told you that finding EnJOYment in your life is World Service

Some mornings you wake to find the Mind Monster (def: bedside table-dwelling creature) hunkered down, immediately bombarding you with:  



  • dangling decisions
  • negative churning
  • worry about relationships 
  • financial issues
  • the eternal To-Do list.

And you haven’t even opened your eyes.   


WHAT IF you were to awake to a comforting  gentle reminder (images/words in a frame on your bedside table) that say:

  • “I am here to ENJOY Life.”
  • “I am allowed to be happy.”
  • “I choose Peace”.

We forget that we have the ability to choose whether we are Mind-Full-of-Annoying-Things or Mind Free.  

Amazingly, what we focus on triggers positive or negative neurochemistry to support that train of thought. The more we think that way, the stronger that neural pathway becomes.

Choosing peace or EnJOYment (Joy in the Moment), again –  and again, practise constantly – embeds a new neural pathway until you experience those mindsets more of the time.

That single commitment to choose a better mindset changes the quality of your life and your contribution to Life. It becomes your World Service. Everyone benefits from being around your uplifted Presence.  

Liv Mitchell

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Lisa Mitchell is a teacher of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness and freelance writer.