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2019 Yoga for Anxiety Prevention Workshops







The Yoga for Anxiety Workshop aims to empower you to create new habits and build a stable platform from which to manage your daily responses to life, preventing the build-up and presence of distressing symptoms such as:

  • Agitated mind & body
  • Excessive worry or uncertainty
  • Habitual rumination, exaggeration
  • Emotional rollercoastering 
  • Palpitations
  • Feeling ‘on edge’, insecure
  • Harbouring tension
  • Succumbing to overwhelm
  • Sleeping difficulty
  • Poor concentration & decision-making
  • Nausea, diarrhoea.  

Develop a personal toolkit for grounding and stability over six weeks.  You will receive daily SMS support and course hand-outs.


  • how to stop the build-up of mental clutter that leads to anxious episodes
  • prevent and manage sudden feelings of overwhelm
  • simple day-to-day yogic techniques honed over 1000s of years of practice
  • becoming your own best ally and support.

Sessions are practice-based and include discussion and theory. 

  • Applied yogic psychology techniques: include: Mindfulness, Thought Awareness & Challenge, Reframing, Handling the Inner Critic, Japa Mantra for mental calm
  • Embodied movement for mind-body connection (become attuned to your feeling landscape)
  • Sound work to dissipate difficult feelings
  • Breath work for Anxiety
  • No prior yogic experience necessary but interest in the approach is desirable.


None scheduled – YogaMeWell is in hiatus from September 2019.

Investment: $345



“I absolutely loved coming to Liv’s workshop. I learnt so many techniques to be able to cope with many situations in daily life. Liv is a fantastic, caring and encouraging teacher.”

Joanne, medical secretary.

“Liv’s knowledge is outstanding and her encouragement makes it easy to maintain our practice. The change in how I feel and cope with anxiety by spending such a small amount of time each day is amazing. I found it easy and interesting to do the various exercises and notice how each had its own effect on my mind and body. I wish I could have done this years ago.”

Greg, retired.

I enjoyed the workshop with Liv immensely and gained not just yogic know-how but life know-how too. I’ve learnt so much about myself and most importantly, how to take a moment to step back, observe and calm myself. We had so much fun doing it. I would recommend this course to anyone and everyone. It’s been amazing, life-changing. Thank you so much Liv!”

Holly, student.

“I am so happy I attended Liv’s course. It exceeded my expectations.”

Bianca, business owner.


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