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The To-Do List. Mortgage. Work. Bills. Dependants. Scheduling catch-ups and obligations. What a merry-go-round.


It used to be such a giddy, happy ride when I was 5. When did the horses gleefully suspended on poles start straining at the bit with wide wild eyes? horse - merrygoround


For me, the realisation that the ride had gone horribly wrong dawned in my 30s. I spent my 20s pretending nothing was wrong, partying hard, working harder. Living on the edge kept my nerves sizzling. I pretended those alternating feelings of emotional elevation, excitement, dread, tremulous fear and lethargy were living life to the full!


But my nervous system and biochemistry eventually gave out, thank goodness. And as I succumbed to chronic, stress-related ill health, I walked slowly toward self-knowledge. What a humble, enlivening and deeply satisfying experience it continues to be.


The practices of `Mindfulness’ come from the Yogic and Buddhist disciplines, which share the same philosophical and conceptual roots.


Yogic life has offered me the opportunity to know myself and my response to life intimately. I see how I crave and avoid things in equal measure and the suffering that causes. It has taught me to slow down, stand back, reflect and feel ok in the free fall of uncertainty. And, ironically, to speed up recklessly, only later to forgive myself and cradle my weary ego gently from a place of loving within that is more whole than any I have ever experienced.

I feel less need to strive. There is exquisite freedom in the presence that mindfulness brings. Sometimes it seems too easy, rich and wildly simple to be enough.

But it is.


The next 6-week Mindfulness & Relaxation course begins Wed 17 February.

Liv Mitchell

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Liv Mitchell is a senior teacher of yoga, mindfulness and a freelance writer.

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