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Morphic Resonance – The Global Power Behind Mindful Moments

My lovely friend is forging a brilliant career. Yet her highly paid and influential job leaves her exhausted and feeling unsettled. She is a rising star but is not sure if she is on the right trajectory. The higher up the corporate ladder she climbs, the wider her sphere of influence, and she has excellent influence to offer, being a grounded, sensitive, complex, highly intelligent  and wise woman. But is this going to come at too great a cost to her health and equanimity?

We laughed at my quietly harboured desire to work in a supermarket.  (Close, I’ve just spent 20 months in a bakery).  Instead of consciously creating this circumstance for myself, I waited until in work crisis to make the leap, as is my habit. 

The gift from my time at the bakery was to find purpose in the simple act of serving bread to customers who were practiced in cursory transactions. For those who were willing, we turned that momentary exchange into a moment of connection. 

Connection buoys and uplifts. And each time this happened, the customer had an option to pay forward the good will. So many retail assistants had done this for me over the years. But could I do it…  smile, converse, connect without needing any other motivation or reward (especially financial)? And if this were all I did for the rest of my days, would it be enough.

Yes! It would. 

Decades of striving and turning myself inside out to ‘achieve’ ultimately taught me that those ‘highlights’ are my least significant legacy.

Many of us sense that it is our smallest actions, done with integrity and mindful care that matter most. But they really can change the world. 

The scientific explanation for this profound butterfly effect is morphic resonance, and this article explores it in wonderful depth.

So, you have the power to change the world one tiny significant act at time. What will yours be today … a smile, a moment of patience, a kind word?


Liv Mitchell

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Lisa Mitchell is a teacher of yoga, relaxation and mindfulness and freelance writer.