Mindfulness 2018

Head in Ground Pose. It’s okay… We’ve all been there. But it’s better to go seek than to hide,



               *Week 2 held Saturdays; attendance required


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Small groups ~ limited places

East St Kilda


This 6-week mindfulness course is designed to embed a habit of mindfulness and self-care. You will benefit most if you attend weekly and feel ready to apply what you learn.

Week 2 of the course runs Saturdays and is required attendance for all participants. We explore the Mindfulness principles in action and at leisure while visiting a beautiful garden.

You learn to incorporate the gentle art of mindfulness into your day as moment-to-moment practice. This is an opportunity to make space for peace in your day, every day.

Over time, it creates meaningful life change.  

Sharing our ideas and experiences, we inspire and support each toward greater self-awareness and acceptance.


Ideal for:

  • stress / anxiety / depression*
  • mental & emotional wellbeing
  • chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)
  • those who find meditation difficult

* not recommended during acute episodes of anxiety/depression; talk therapy recommended.

Learn to:

  • break the stress habit
  • address mental churning
  • embed mindfulness habits
  • manage emotions 
  • become self-aware, less reactive
  • develop resilience for Life’s curve balls
  • relax deeply, for health’s sake

 Does your private health fund offer rebates for yoga? Check here.

Course includes:

  • the psychology of mindfulness (based in yogic philosophy)
  • mindfulness techniques
  • relaxation techniques
  • mindful movement
  • breath work
  • visualisation
  • handouts
  • SMS support
  • Email support

No yoga experience necessary.


Liv is an incredibly gracious and knowledgeable teacher. She really knows her stuff. I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants more from day to day life.”

Mia Wootherspoon

“Thanks so much for introducing me to a range of techniques that have had a real impact on my life in the last six weeks. I have been able to think, breath and feel in a mindful way.”

Brett Moore, architect

“This has been a fantastic course and one I thoroughly recommend. The techniques used were excellent and have really helped me to become calm and positive under pressure and stress. I look forward to continuing these techniques and mastering them.  Liv has helped me to have compassion for myself and others and to embrace ‘me’. Thank you for this amazing course.”

Karleen Radford, marketing specialist

“The mindfulness and relaxation course has improved my life in all areas by giving me back control and the ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I would not hesitate in recommending this course for anyone with the intention to change their life for the better. Liv’s personal and passionate approach makes this course even better and enjoyable. Thank you!”

Rachael O’Connor, event manager

“Thank you Liv, you have changed the way I look at life and I will always remember what you have taught me and moreso what you have done for me.”

Paul Ziccone, electrician 

I have found the technique of mindfulness awareness so helpful for conflicting work situations.”

Lexie Green, marketing coordinator

“The course helps you not only to relax, but provides clarity of mind and shows how to undo the negative programming of the mind built up over a lifetime.”

Richard Gough, university academic

Liv’s technique is excellent and her engaging, clear manner of communicating was superlative. The techniques I have learnt have enabled me to be more mindful and relaxed. Liv’s teaching and guiding capacity was fantastic and I know I will be able to replicate and practice in the future. Thank you so much Liv. You have a true gift.”

Louisa Di Censo, manager, policy & service development

 “This  course was a wonderful introduction to mindfulness & relaxation techniques. Within the first week I was already catching myself rushing or stressing when it was just not necessary, but an obvious habit.  I now feel more equipped to handle the every day ups & downs with calmness and clarity. Thanks Liv!”

Julia Redfern, Osteopath

“Liv’s relaxation course is an hour and a bit of bliss, contemplation and solitude every week.  The journey can sometimes take you to unexpected places but Liv is a trustworthy guide.”

Matthew, consultant

“Life was asking questions and and I was resisting changes on the horizon. I now view all this quite differently and feel much more prepared to move on & accept change. You have had a wonderful influence on my world Liv, thank you.”

Rachel, Youth Re-engagement Co-ordinator

“Liv is an absolute delight.  Her course helped me create a space for stillness and calm, with lasting effect.”

Rebecca, Healthcare Worker

“I stumbled across Liv at a stressful time in my life. We embarked on some one-on-one tuition in progressive relaxation & yoga.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself.  Liv’s intuition, gentleness, good humour and intelligence made our sessions together a real joy, which refreshed my spirit.  Liv has set me up with a own yoga routine and personalised stress-relief ‘tool-kit’. I look forward to joining in on her group yoga & progressive relaxation classes to continue my journey.”

Meg Moate, lawyer, CSIRO, business development

Liv created a safe, peaceful  haven, a respite from stress.  She showed us how to create that haven for ourselves and how to take it with us wherever we went. Her voice is a powerful force for peace.”

Mary, social worker.

Liv’s consistent care for my comfort at the beginning of each session set the atmosphere for immediate relaxation as I knew I was in a safe place to allow my nagging mind to let go, simply & easily melting to her soothing voice. The result was great peace that has stayed with me to this day. Over time, it has allowed me to move to a greater understanding within, one that I can re-access when required.

Melody Jansz, director, SPA People

“Many thanks to Liv for a very beneficial & supportive exploration of relaxation and stress. I highly recommend this course to anyone who feels there is more to life than the rat race & wants to learn to unwind and appreciate life more.”

Nick Wadsley, Engineer

“Liv’s comments and tips after each of our experiences were extremely helpful and eye-opening.”

Ramona Baumgartner, project coordinator


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