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Term 4 Yoga ~ Yr Weekly Sanctuary

Yoga Me Well Students look like this ;-) Spring! It’s time to grow into your new skin.

If Life is wearing you out, or you’re ready to deepen your existing yoga practice, Yoga Me Well’s classes are a small, safe, friendly environment in which to explore yoga in a reflective way.  We move slowly, breath matched to movement. We take time to pause, feel and reflect on what bubbles up during class, so we move into the week open to observe behaviours more consciously.  Deep rest is an essential part of each class to restore you.

Reserve your spot, or trial class, now.  With only 9 people per class, places fill quickly.

I’ll look forward to sharing this wonderful, progressive inner practice with you.

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For more specific information on Term 4, read on.                                                                                                                                                                                                

Term 4 ~ Reflections on Light

To keep your practice fresh & engaging, we’ll begin by asking: “Are we allowing our Life potential to greet us?”,  in line with the growth energies of Spring. Then we’ll head into Surya Namaskar, Salute to the Sun, to begin embodying the qualities of Light that inspire, nourish & strengthen us as we seek greater clarity & connection to our inner Light. Toward the end of term, there will be a stronger focus on relaxation/visualisation/meditative practice to replenish year-weary bodies and minds.


Liv Mitchell

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Liv Mitchell is a senior teacher of yoga, mindfulness and a freelance writer.

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