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The ancients drew a bold circle around 21 December (the Mayan, Egyptian and Inca calendars, seers like Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce). You can choose between the doomsayers’’ “apocalypse!” prediction, or the uplifting take that humankind is set to up-end its evil ways and raise consciousness sky-high.

Life, as we know it, is changing

The signs are everywhere: we’re working to save the planet, greedy institutions have collapsed, technology allows the global Group Hug, yoga is on every street corner. A crescendo of depression, heart disease and obesity shows people fighting to find purpose, love and meaning in life. Some of us have to bottom-out before gliding up.

Create the year-end you deserve

If you’ve succumbed to the thunderous gallop toward Christmas that leaves you feeling lead-heavy and brain-numb, if it’s all chaos and guitar-strung nerves, take 5 mins today to imagine how you’d like year-end to be and take small steps toward that outcome. As one of my luminous teachers always said: “If you don’t have 5 mins for yourself, who is running your life?”.

Have those conversations about limiting or increasing the number of pre-Christmas catch-ups you’ll have; about consolidating (or alternating bi-annually) the number of families visited on special days; about excessive gift-buying (limit the spend per person; nominate 1 gift per family member, get the whole family to give to Sacred Heart; write what you appreciate about each other); or consider going your own way and creating the connections you need if family time brings more harm than good.

Reflect. . .

Above all, make time (by the beach, at a café, in the St Kilda Botanical gardens, a night walk) to reflect on this busy year past – what worked, what didn’t, what needs to change? – and look forward to living the life you intend.

At the November Gawler Conference, Profound Healing: Sustainable Wellbeing, here is what folks on the cancer journey say becomes startlingly clear:

  • Importance of Me Time, Free Time, We Time (intimacy)
  • Importance of family, friends, loved ones
  • To be more expressive of feelings
  • Listen to body and respond
  • Rekindle enthusiasm and passion for life
  • Slow down and live in present
  • Contact with Nature
  • More fun lightness and humour
  • More peace, develop spirituality

May you enjoy good company, lightness of heart and a relaxed, happy time this summer.

Liv Mitchell

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Liv Mitchell is a senior teacher of yoga, mindfulness and a freelance writer.

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