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Die, Diet, Die!

Pattie at play

At 83, still hauling 30 litre bags of potting mix about while gardening all day, Pattie’s obviously doing something right.  What’s the secret Pattie?  “I always have morning and afternoon tea. I eat meat and 3 veg, with something sweet after. None of that fancy cooking,” she says.  Australia’s $790 million weight loss industry would turn that quick-smart into Pattie’s Just Eat Sensibly diet cookbook, drawn from the simple cuisine of post-war Australia. It’s far less sexy than our current sweetheart, the Paleo diet, with its earthier hunter- gatherer lineage. Whatever does it mean to eat sensibly these days? read more…

Liv Mitchell

Liv Mitchell is a hatha yoga teacher, relaxation instructor and freelance writer/editor who specialises in holistic wellbeing.

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