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Grounding Practice

lawn bowls

This is not Denise; but she looks like she could be!

Denise is a straight shooter: down-to-earth, a great sense of humour. When she told me she’d been anointed Bowls Club Champion, I knew she would bring as much focus to her bowls as she does to her yoga practice. Her secret weapon? Grounding practice. With yoga on her side – her opposition doesn’t stand a chance.

We spend so much time in our heads that we lose our connection to Mother Earth.  When grounded, we stand taller, which brings a physical sense of strength and foundation, emotional reassurance that we can cope, and mental clarity as we stand above confusion to take in the overview. We’re less easily swayed by the changeability of the day.  Try it.

Stand up.  Close your eyes.

Bend your knees a little.  Feel the weight of your body pool into your ankles and feet. Notice how the weight is distributed – more to the front, sides or heels? Find centre.

Gently straighten your knees, keeping your mind in your feet, grounded.

With shoulders and arms perfectly relaxed, lift tall through the very tip of your head.

Notice all the space in between.  And how you breath more easily, more openly.

Ah; that’s better.


Liv Mitchell

Liv Mitchell is a hatha yoga teacher, relaxation instructor and freelance writer/editor who specialises in holistic wellbeing.

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