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2018 Reflection

Living the life you were born to live takes courage. 

We come into this world from our soul state, the blueprint bright within. Over time, the external influences fog that clarity. We lose consciousness of who we came to be and what we came to do. 


The work of yoga invites us to remain open to inner guidance to live dynamically; that is learning, growing, gathering wisdom. With self-awareness and a global spirit our energy can effect genuine change in the people and systems around us.

Each year-end we enjoy a collective sigh and slow down. This quiet pocket of days supports time to reflect.

Take yourself somewhere quiet, beautiful. Be comfortable. Enjoy 10 quiet breaths with your eyes closed. Pause in stillness and do 10 more slow, even breaths. 

After your reflection (below), write one or two words on a card and place it somewhere that you will see every day. This is your personal work, the gathering of wisdom, which becomes world service as you change and influence others to consider their responses to life more carefully.


1 What personal values do you yearn to live by? Or, rephrased, what part of you do you wish to bring to life? 

Most of us already know the answer but struggle to live it. I refer to the person you can feel inside but who continues to use the same responses to life under pressure, or who takes the comfortable route because it is too hard to practice being more “positive”, “easeful”, more of a “leader”, more “trusting”, “charismatic”, “fun” or “courageous”.  You were born to be these things too but we tend to lose the blueprint in others’ plans for us.

Here are some personal values to aspire to live by: Balance, Ease, Persevering, Assertive, Kind, Attentive, Leadership, Optimistic, Determined, Ethical, Self-Aware, Contentment, Light-hearted, Supportive, Reflective, Steady, Reliable,  Spiritual, Creative and here are 400 more (choose 1 or 2 that resonate). 

2 Once you have identified one or two values to work toward, list a few obstacles or resistance that appear to block attainment.


3 Are these obstacles real, imagined, stemming from beliefs that are not aligned with your Nature? Write your honest understanding of what prevents you from reclaiming these positive soul traits. 

4 List a few simple ways could you could cultivate this state. Include one big step, even if it feels impossible now.  Sit comfortably with the awareness of the boundaries you create.

In 2019, our sanga (YogaMeWell’s student group), begins the inspired work of expanding into these heart-led values.  Because we all deserve to love the skin we’re in.  Come on, join us. 


Liv Mitchell

Liv Mitchell is a hatha yoga teacher, relaxation instructor and freelance writer/editor who specialises in holistic wellbeing.


Personal Growth

Hello my Lovely Yoga Friends,

This quote, taken from a recent newsletter by international yoga teacher Donna Farhi, encapsulates the inspiration I have drawn from in recent times for my teaching. 

“​​It may be that when we no longer know what to do
we have come to our real work,
and that when we no longer know which way to go
we have come to our real journey.”

~ ​​Wendell Berry

This is the space I have occupied for the past three years and it has been very intense at times. As clarity and shifts in perspective, thinking, behaviour and the emotional field arrive, I renew my commitment to this work with gentle enthusiasm.

We gather wisdom through persistent willingness to explore our responses to life and the discipline to maintain supportive personal practices that keep us steady during this process.

Together, we yoga our way to clarity.



Liv Mitchell

Liv Mitchell is a hatha yoga teacher, relaxation instructor and freelance writer/editor who specialises in holistic wellbeing.


All I Want for Christmas, is Me

You can live an entire life and never live your own.

It’s the stuff of mid-life crises, and for some of us, those begin in our thirties!

The lives we lead are directed by the fullness of our experience, which include our errant and restrictive beliefs.

But I believe we can arrive at ourselves at any age, if we have the courage to become open and then, still, able to observe ourselves intimately, inviting clarity. This journey has been very intense for me these past two years.

Through that process we come to acknowledge – gently, kindly – the truth of how we are leading our lives, the lifeless scripts we continue to follow, shunning the values and deep needs that would lead us to feel more whole, satisfied. 

Nurturing, quiet contemplative practice allows those inner messages to whisper guidance from the depths to our yoga-becalmed waking state.



This is who I yearn to be.
These are the values I hold dearly, and wish to live by.
This is how I want to shape my time.


I’m inviting you to join a small group of explorers this summer, either through a 4-day intensive, or the 4-week restorative series, to make that sacred space for yourself. 

Together, we will peel back our layers in safety. We will unearth our unlived stories through movement, chant, stillness and written word.

We invite our deepest Self to be present and to stay with us throughout 2019 so we can take the important steps that lead to quiet fulfillment.

It would be a privilege to share this with you.


Liv Mitchell

Liv Mitchell is a hatha yoga teacher, relaxation instructor and freelance writer/editor who specialises in holistic wellbeing.

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