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Yoga Testimonials

I stumbled across Liv at a busy and stressful time in my life. We embarked on some one-on-one tuition in yoga & progressive relaxation.  This turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself. Liv’s intuition,  gentleness, good humour and intelligence made our sessions together a real joy, which re-freshed my spirit. Liv has set me up with my own yoga routine and personalised stress-relief ‘tool-kit’. I look forward to joining in on her group yoga & progressive relaxation classes to continue my journey.
Meg Moate, lawyer, CSIRO, Business Development

Liv, thank you so very much for the yoga practice. Although it was only for a brief period, it was a wonderful and profound personal experience.   Your class was, for me, a synthesis of all past yoga practice.  I fully connected with your teaching style. I was able to use my breath to move my body in a way that I had heard was possible, and hoped would happen to me, but which had eluded me in 2 years of weekly yoga classes. It came unexpectedly and naturally once I let my body flow with my breath, rather than just cranking and forcing my body into the required yoga pose. Connecting with this fluidity was enlightening.
Mary Kane, Continence Foundation of Australia

I love yoga and have attended a number of different classes. Some I found beneficial, others less so. Liv’s classes really worked for me; they have a strong focus on listening to and connecting with your body. Every posture is thoroughly explained and talked through. It’s a mindful yoga! I have always left the class feeling centred and healthy.
Maria, project management contractor, Yoga at Alma Park

Thank you Liv. I really enjoyed it [your class]. I felt the pace was lovely and gave me the opportunity for reflective practice and being aware of my body. This is something I’ve been really enjoying and needing lately. Thank you for such a lovely lesson and your gentle presence. It was so relaxing. I couldn’t believe it was over so quickly. I wanted more.
Emily Wassink, Alma Road Community Centre


As a gent who lives and works a fairly sedentary existence I’ve often thought that Yoga might be an interesting way to mitigate against the pitfalls of an aging frame. I was also intrigued to see the value that AFL players spoke of getting out of yoga. I was rapt to get a spot in one of Liv’s classes and haven’t looked back since. The combination of relaxation and stretching has meant I can tap into energy I didn’t think I had. Liv’s style is brilliant and her teaching accommodates different levels of aptitude. Highly recommended!!

Brian Barry, executive recruitment consultant

Liv’s yoga classes are always welcoming and fun to attend. She creates a variety of stimulating activities and takes care to tailor them to individual needs if required. She makes us all feel part of a special community. Thanks again for a lovely summer of Yoga in the Park.
Helen Measday, Yoga at Alma Park

Liv, Malvern Central School can’t thank you enough for the time you have spent working with our Year 6’s.  The students were completely engaged throughout the whole program. The program was delivered around adolescent issues and enjoyed by all.

You were very professional in your practice and were able to manage all ability levels in the year group.  Your class management was superb and appropriate to the age group.  You were very professional, providing a letter to the parents explaining what students would be learning in your classes. Our parent community appreciated the information provided.  We are very much looking forward to working with you in the future at Malvern Central School.
Simone Hesse, PE coordinator, Malvern Central Primary School

We enjoyed the opportunity of having you teach us. I look forward to each class . . . I have even incorporated your bends and side turns into my brief morning yoga routine, so thanks for that. You are a great teacher.
Niki, Australian Medical Association


Mindfulness & Relaxation Course Testimonials

“The mindfulness and relaxation course has improved my life in all areas by giving me back control and the ability to enjoy life’s simple pleasures. I would not hesitate in recommending this course for anyone with the intention to change their life for the better. Liv’s personal and passionate approach makes this course even better and enjoyable. Thank you!”

Rachael O’Connor, event manager

“Thank you Liv, you have changed the way I look at life and I will always remember what you have taught me and moreso what you have done for me.”

Paul Ziccone, electrician 

“This has been a fantastic course and one I thoroughly recommend. The techniques used were excellent and have really helped me to become calm and positive under pressure and stress. I look forward to continuing these techniques and mastering them.  Liv has helped me to have compassion for myself and others and to embrace ‘me’. Thank you for this amazing course.”

Karleen Radford, marketing specialist

 “The course helps you not only to relax, but provides clarity of mind and shows how to undo the negative programming of the mind built up over a lifetime.”

Richard Gough, university academic

Liv’s technique is excellent and her engaging, clear manner of communicating was superlative. The techniques I have learnt have enabled me to be more mindful and relaxed. Liv’s teaching and guiding capacity was fantastic and I know I will be able to replicate and practice in the future. Thank you so much Liv. You have a true gift.”

Louisa Di Censo, manager, policy & service development

 ”This  course was a wonderful introduction to mindfulness & relaxation techniques. Within the first week I was already catching myself rushing or stressing when it was just not necessary, but an obvious habit.  I now feel more equipped to handle the every day ups & downs with calmness and clarity. Thanks Liv!”

Julia Redfern, Osteopath

“Liv’s relaxation course is an hour and a bit of bliss, contemplation and solitude every week.  The journey can sometimes take you to unexpected places but Liv is a trustworthy guide.”

Matthew, consultant

“Life was asking questions and and I was resisting changes on the horizon. I now view all this quite differently and feel much more prepared to move on & accept change. You have had a wonderful influence on my world Liv, thank you.”

Rachel, Youth Re-engagement Co-ordinator

“Liv is an absolute delight.  Her course helped me create a space for stillness and calm, with lasting effect.”

Rebecca, Healthcare Worker


Stress & Meditation Workshop – Nov 2011

Australian Communications & Media Authority

“Very useful and I left feeling very positive about something I was definitely sceptical about. Clone the facilitator!! Excellent session. A watershed moment!!”

“Thank you. I had a very stressful morning and this helped me a lot.  Excellent workshop.  Left me feeling calm and confident that I can use these techniques in future.”

“Brilliant! Highly recommend these calming techniques for a busy mind.”

“My mind was racing when I came in but by the end my mind was clear. Thank you!”

“Just one hour and I feel so much better. Thank you!!”

“I found the practical meditation techniques were suitable to my work environment.”

“The right balance of information and practice was provided.  Thank you Liv, the presentation was interesting and extremely useful, particularly by providing me with techniques to assist my focus.”

“Liv was excellent, well-articulated and clearly demonstrated techniques.”