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“… feeling powerless will never serve you. And the longer you wallow, the harder it becomes to take action. When you live intentionally, you become a force of nature. You begin to create instead of react. Your energy shifts. Suddenly, there’s not only momentum in your life, but it’s moving in the direction you wanted to go. That doesn’t just serve you; it serves everyone around you. When you create a fulfilling life for yourself, you raise the bar on what success should look like—you demonstrate that it’s not just about functioning; it’s about thriving.”

Sanni McCandless, rock climber, life coach.


Over the past two years, life lost its zap. Work was a stressful trajectory of ill-fitting jobs. Yoga provided grounding but no drive. Manageable problems hailed upon relentless days. My life lay clumped in malaise. 

Poor coping mechanisms crept in: overeating, wine o’clock, Netflix bingeing.

I get through these times by consistently shining a light on my responses, seeking to understand and alter them. I sit in my discomfort, unflinching, exploring how it feels to step in different directions.  And I stay honest about my actions and intentions when the will to act scurries south!


When I feel stuck, any learning and insight makes a day worthwhile.

I woke today to gleaming, freshly painted white window frames with clean windows, the world pouring in. I’ve spent several weekends exercising my demons through painting. It allowed me to say “no” to the usual distractions. When it was done, my body requested a morning in bed. With my ginger puss camped, purring, on my chest, I let go of the morning traffic and impetus to rise. My mind stayed clear for the first time in months. And the world outside beckoned: “There is inspiration ahead!” I sank into peaceful ease.


When the media shows me shiny people living large, I squirm within my tiny, contained life.  I hear myself fault the driven, Blessed Ones, a lame justification of my own lapse into functional living instead of thriving. I wonder often if what I do is enough. Am I living life as fully as I could? Will it be enough to allow me to accept death peacefully?  Mostly, I can say yes, but I always wonder if…

Rock climbers Sanni McCandless and Alex Honnold feature in Free Solo, a documentary about Alex’s superhuman 2017 climb – without safety ropes – of El Capitan, a stunning granite monolith in Yosemite National Park.

The subtext of the film is self-mastery. Like us, Alex and Sanni have issues, but their mental focus and commitment to their inner guides drive them to live intentionally. In doing so, Alex inspires thousands of people and has established a foundation that builds sustainable solutions for villages in developing countries.


How do we live intentionally?

We create a mind that is capable of listening to itself. One that hears, explores and acts on the inner gnawings, even if we don’t know where they are leading us.

Only by observing our responses to situations and circumstances, can we come to understand what drives us and the roads we can take to create the life we each came to live.  

Our beloved yoga practice puts the fuel in our tank and gives is the signposts. It teaches us to be honest with ourselves; hones our intuition. It becomes a state of mind beyond the mat.

“Living intentionally” is a slow road to ‘success’ marked by humble sign posts, like clean windows, and our own version of an extraordinary rope-free rock climb.

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Liv Mitchell

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Liv Mitchell is a senior teacher of yoga, mindfulness and a freelance writer.