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Generation Yogi

Annalise and Mei walked into the community centre class, two wriggly, giggly pubescent girls. I smiled weakly and sighed. I sighed because I was tired and community centre classes are often demanding; they’re cheap and attract truckloads of lovely people who needs are vast and wide.

Acute back problems, specific injuries, chronic conditions, inflamed emotions, exhausted mums, self-conscious concretised men, the vital and enthused, the depressed and disillusioned  and on this tired night, I knew I couldn’t span the chasm.

“What is it you’d like out of this class?” I asked the girls, who were coming for the first time. read more…

Liv Mitchell

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Liv Mitchell is a senior yoga teacher and freelance writer/editor.

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The Buddhist and the Black Hole

It’s a relief to know that this ochre-and-orange robed monk was once hospitalised for depression. If you want advice on how to dig yourself out of a black hole, you need a man with a spade on the inside.

Lama Marut, formerly Brian K. Smith, is just the bloke. He’s the favourite sports coach you had when you were five: big like a bear (in a reassuring way), direct, fun and with an American accent that curls around his forthright southern charm. Last month [subs: September] at The Breathing Space studio in Prahran, he delivered a lively and provocative talk on “Depression: The Real Causes and Real Cures”. read more…

Liv Mitchell


Liv Mitchell is a senior yoga teacher and freelance writer/editor.

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Unwind & Restore – 8 wk course

Hi Everyone,

I’d love you to join me on this special 8-week course – a journey into restorative yoga practice and relaxation – ideal for those who tend to deplete themselves in the gallop toward Christmas.

This is an intimate class of just 9 for more individual attention to develop your yoga.

Learn a set sequence of gentle, slow-moving vinyasa to deepen your experience.

Finish with a 25-min progressive relaxation (PR).

PR moves the body into a deep sleep state, while you remain conscious and alert.

It offers full energy restoration.

Cocoon within your quiet space and replenish your energy reserves.

Course commences Fri 8 Oct – 3 Dec.

Phone bookings only 0409 473 162 by Fri 1 Oct.

Course fee: $120

Looking forward to sharing this time with you.

Liv Mitchell

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Liv Mitchell is a senior yoga teacher and freelance writer/editor.