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A Little More About Me

* Mmmmmm, the smell of baked goods…

* I am to animals as a warm, fluffy white towel is to a toddler

* Woman of altitude (puffs up small mountains in high places)

* “I live to learn, to love, to progress”

* My body is a temple… to the Travel Bug

* There are secret writing projects hiding from me in my bottom drawer

* Add Organic coffee for instant clarity

* Add yoga for instant spiritual being (having a human experience)

* Be gone thou unspeakable lolly Temptress!

* Lucky me: I enjoy moments of great beauty, every day

* I will see the swirling scarves of the Northern Lights before I die

* Baked-Goods Gobbler! I shall vanquish Thee with the acid of mine poisoned thought!

* Look deeply into the eyes of another, and see where they have been.

* Love is . . . to accept yourself unconditionally first, and to offer all you have left to others.

Liv Mitchell

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Liv Mitchell is a senior yoga teacher and freelance writer/editor.